My writing career began early on in France, where I was born and bred. I was bored in class and writing seemed the most natural thing to do. As a child writer, I won a dozen of French literary contests and published my first short story in an anthology published by “Editions Grimal” when I was 18. I’ve published my first novel in December 2013 and I have signed my first book deal with the publishing house Editions Dagan. My next novel, written in French, will be released in a few months.

I never felt any limitations when it comes to writing. I’m interested in a large range of media, and I have been working as a journalist both in France and in the UK since I was a teen. My work mostly focus on gender, race and politics and my features have been published in national and international magazines and webzines such as Complex Mag Uk, Media Diversified, Amina, Quirky Magazine and more.

Writing is an irrepressible need for me, and I decided to focus on writing for the screen and the stage. I then moved to writing screenwriting, and created a 7-episodes webseries called “Jeunes et Cons” with the production company Adela Film. I moved to Scotland to do an MA in Screenwriting at Screen Academy Scotland and I’ve been living there since. Through my course, I collaborated with a large range of upcoming filmmakers. I wrote 4 shorts, all produced by Screen Academy Scotland. I also collaborated on many scripts as a script editor, helping fellow filmmakers, helping them to generate ideas and make their scripts stronger.

As a playwright, I have been invited by the Royal Theatre Stratford East to develop and co-direct my play, Recipes. I am also currently developing a radio drama for the online radio Astute Channel.