I’ll try to write and post some of my poems and lyrics written in english you can find here.

Here’s a nice one:

If you treat them nicely,he says you are in love with him;
If you don’t,he says you are proud.
If you dress nicely,he says you are trying to lure him;
If you don’t ,he says you are from Kampunc.
If you argue with him,he says you are stubborn;
If you keep silent,he says you have no brains.
If you are smater than him,he will lose face;
If he is smarter than you ,he is great,but you are fool.
If you don’t love him,he tries to possess you;
If you love him,he will try to leave you.
If you tell him your problem,he says you are troublesome;
If don’t ,he says that you don’t trust him.

Contradictions of men (and i wish i’ve written this piece of art, but the songs i’ve written can be founded here )
Right now, i’m waiting, listenning to Arcade Fire thanks to a really nice guy. I haven’t any casting, nor shooting, no answer from publishers (coz i’ve sent Les Chats Errants once again).
I’ve sent “In her late teen” to a contest “Nous Deux”, hope i’ll win.
I’ll be 18 and 11 months tomorrow and soon 19, it scares me only one year and i’ll be an old twenty something!
Anyway, i become the cool girl i’ve always wanted to be and i hang out with the coolest kids in Paris. This doesn’t bring happiness, but i have fun and well, i like my life.

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