Why I wrote Me Too

When I was 14, construction works started in my middle school, to build a new gym. In the meantime, me and the other girls had to change in a temporary building adjacent to the construction site. One day, one of the teachers walked in and told us that the construction workers were peeping at us through the windows, and we had to be careful. That was it. 

Summer won't last forever

Au vu des nombreux blogs que j’ai eu/ai, je me suis toujours questionné sur l’interêt d’en avoir, et à défaut de réponses, les laissais en plan. Maintenant, je sais. Mon deuxième séjour à Londres a plutôt bien commencé: cette fois ci, pas d’arrivée à la gare du Nord trois minutes  avant le départ du train […]

Random Stuff

I’ll try to write and post some of my poems and lyrics written in english you can find here. Here’s a nice one: If you treat them nicely,he says you are in love with him; If you don’t,he says you are proud. If you dress nicely,he says you are trying to lure him; If you […]

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