Creatively empowering marginalized people  through storytelling 

Introduce storytelling and writing in your life

Change is happening now and we can all contribute to it.

I train employees and individuals that want to gain new communication skills to express themselves and their ideas.
I specialize in communication and learning and development. 
Without effective communication, how can people from marginalized backgrounds find the words to express themselves, tell stories or narrate their experiences? How can businesses improve their communication?

As a consultant and Learning and development and facilitator, I use creativity to teach people how to communicate effectively.

I help people to feel empowered to use communication to express themselves. I use inclusive, innovative, action-focused techniques to help people tap into their inner creativity and uniqueness to self realize.

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What clients say:

Sarah, participant at the Amnesty International East Anglia conference
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“I was amazed at how quickly and effectively Aude got us writing fluently and effectively. I was initially sure I would have nothing to say but the thoughtful and supportive atmosphere she created inspired me to think, imagine and communicate. In just a short while I had thought out and expressed clearly ideas that had lain half-formed and buried. ”
Em, My Tutor UK
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“Aude ran a fantastic session at our company day that was energising, unique and super creative. Everyone, both in-person and online wrote some great (and hilarious!) stories and Aude was lovely to work with in the lead up to the event - would definitely recommend and hope to work with her again soon!"
Vish, Cardiff
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“Aude Konan facilitated a LGBT+ history month themed writing workshop for us. Aude is a brilliant facilitator. They listened to our groups needs and tailored a workshop about writing queer stories to engage our attendees. Our group thoroughly enjoyed thinking about character and story development. Many of our group attendees hadn’t done much creative writing, but Aude created a calm and non judgemental environment for us to express ourselves. Thank you Aude, and we hope you’ll facilitate something for us again very soon!  ”
Jai, Client Account Manager, Stonewall Uk
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“Aude’s workshop was a great opportunity for us to dedicate some time to writing and considering stories. Some interesting discussions came out about how each of us defined ‘queer stories’, and it was great to use those discussions and Aude’s guidance to influence our writing decisions.."

Writing workshops I've delivered

Writing Queer stories (Delivered for Expedia UK,Stonewall UK, UK Black Pride, etc)

 In this workshop, participants will learn the creative tools to write stories centering queerness based on multiple books, articles and films, learn the creative tools to tell queer stories (fictional or not), where to find inspiration and how writing can empower queer people. 
Writing as self care (delivered for Decolonising Contraception)


This workshopwill teach you how writing has been a powerful instrument for years and, allow you to tell your own stories and exist in the world. 

Business Storytelling (delivered for My Tutor UK)

In this workshop, participants will learn how to find and cultivate their inner creativity. They will acquire the necessary skills to get rid of their imposter syndrome and insecurities when it comes to writing. Finally they will master the art of writing when they want it and when they need it

Creating your small business story as a founder (Delivered for private clients, etc)

In this workshop, participants will learn what storytelling is, how to master it, how to use different storytelling techniques to engage with their clients and employees, to share their business values and increase their visibility. 

Writing as a form of activism (delivered for Amnesty International)

The participants will gain the necesssary tools to write and put a light on issues they are working to resolve or dealing with on their professional, personal lives or in the lives of the communities they’ve resolved to help. 


Happy Clients:

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  • Customized, engaging creativity training from one-off workshops to three days packages to implement better communication skills in your workplace and improve employees’ engagement. Individual courses are available for people desiring to improve their training.

Storytelling Consulting

  • Learn how to tell stories, for yourself or your brand. If you want to be able to express yourself and improve your confidence, if you want to tell stories you've never seen before, I coach individuals to reach their goals and improve their communication skills.


  • 1:1 practical, outcome based session for individuals who want to improve their creativity and storytelling skills where I'll assess your communications and writing goals, gives you feedback on the content you've created and will give you tips to take it further 1:1 session with businesses to provide strategic and effective consulting services to teach businesses how to integrate storytelling and communication to be more creative.  ​

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